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Snow retention systems for standing seam metal and ribbed metal roofs

Manufactured according to the regulations of the German plumbing trade of the ZVSHK

During the development of the Kling snow retention clamp (utility model registration in 1962), we applied the findings of the original avalanche protection barriers, as they have always led to success on slopes exposed to avalanches with horizontal fencing.

Snow guard - For standing seam roofs - Snow retention systems Kling

The idea for Kling snow retention systems, as well as the registration of the utility model of the clamp for standing seam roofs, is due to the alpine situation. The first "snow retention system" f...

Snow retention fixing in aluminium for trapezoidal sheet metal roofs

Kling snow retention systems are an economical and safe fastening of snow retention tubes on trapezoidal sheets, roll cap roofs and sandwich elements. The individual snow chains are fastened using ...

Schneefang - Profildach

The established Kling snow retention system for the industrially pre-profiled roof. Profile roofs with round head profiles made of Bemo® and Kalzip® etc. can be secured against falling snow.

Snow retention tubes Copper; Dimension 32/2 mm

Accessories for the Kling snow retention system. Whether for standing seam roofs, trapezoidal sheets or industrial profiles, the snow retention tubes and connecting elements fit and round off the c...


About snow retention systems and snow loads. Single or double snow retention systems with ice holders for metal roofs to be installed according to the regulations of the German plumbing trade and c...

Interesting facts and advantages of the Kling snow retention systems for metal and
standing seam roofs.

The protection against roof avalanches.

  • The system prevents snow slabs and roof avalanches.
  • The system ensures the harmless stretching movement of the sheets.
  • Penetrating freedom of the roof skin
  • The installation requires a small amount of time.
  • The entire roof can be walked on.
  • The roof skin is stabilized against gusts and eddies of wind.
  • Compliance with relevant standards
  • High quality
  • The State building regulations can require that action is taken in order to prevent snow
    and ice from falling off roofs.
  • Snow loading zones are regulated according to DIN 1055-5 effects on bearing elements,
    part 5, snow and ice loads
  • In the case of metal roofs, tube systems arranged in several rows are preferred. These
    are attached to the longitudinal seams of the roof sheets with clamping plates.
  • We recommend inserting ice retainers in the middle of the sheets. These are fixed
    between the snow retention tubes and the surface of the metal.


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