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Sales through wholesale and retail trade for tinsmith accessories and domestic engineering.

Due to an extensive storage and a high availability, products can be shipped to you or your
customers by express delivery on the same day when the order is placed until 10am. If
items are not in stock, they will be delivered as soon as possible.
The core countries which are supplied are located in Europe. Shipments to the Far East and
overseas to our partners is also possible. Should you have any questions regarding the
conditions or are looking for a specialist dealer, please do not hesitate to contact us.
The fast and reliable delivery is done for you by a logistics company.

Emons for freight shipments and UPS for packages.


Excerpt from specialist dealers in Germany and abroad, trade journals and partners of Kling-Dach. If you want to be listed here, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Bjarnes System

Full product range of fasteners, tools and accesories

Bjarnes System 15102 Södertälje Tel. +46 855 060 660 Fax: +46 855 086 200 Homepage


Promotion of the metal roofing industry

Spenglermeistervereinigung Einbogen 2 85051 Ingolstadt Homepage
Kaufmann Ulm

Kaufmann Ulm

Kaufmann Ulm is known as a reliable specialist supplier for our customer group, which mainly includes thinsmithery, metal roofing and installation companies.

Kaufmann Ulm Max-Eyth-Str. 38 89231 Neu-Ulm Homepage
Südmetall Autokraene


Bleche - Bänder - Metalle, Böcker-Stützpunkthändler und Hersteller der LEO-Falzmaschine. Der Fachgroßhandel für Spenglereibedarf und Bedachungsmaterial.

SÜDMETALL OTTO LEONHARD Haylerstr. 32 80993 München Homepage
Sema Blechdach und Fassaden


The SEMA software "Experience" covers the entire spectrum from planning to production in wood- and staircase construction as well as the sheet metal processing industry.

Sema 87499 Wildpoldsried Homepage


A roof has to withstand a lot: rain, snow, hail, storm, heat and extreme temperature fluctuations.

Prefa Aluminiumstraße 2 98634 Wasungen Homepage
Gc-gruppe immer zuverlassig und punktlich - die gc-fahrer

GC- Gruppe - Großhandel für SHK Haustechnik

Welcome to the GC-GROUP - Welcome to the future! Your partner for plumbing, heating, air conditioning / ventilation, electrical, roofing and installation

GC- Gruppe - Großhandel für SHK Haustechnik Altenwall 6 28195 Bremen Homepage
Gabs Fassade 06
Gabs Fassade 01

Gabs - Gebäudehülle

They have one thing in common: their uniqueness, their individual competences, their specific markets and their customers. They differentiate themselves with unique services.

Gabs - Gebäudehülle Bahnhofstrasse 17 8274 Trägerwilen Homepage
Maschinen Stockert

Maschinen Stockert

The clientele is characterized by construction companies such as plumbery, roofing, locksmithery, metal construction and installation / heating operations

Maschinen Stockert Friedrich-Bergius-Straße 17 85662 Hohenbrunn Homepage
Gustav Barth GmbH


Our range includes more than 7,000 products, which is all you need to do a good job in plumbing and roofing engineering. locations: Renningen, Hainichen, Leipzig

Barth 71272 Renningen Homepage
Kleiner Mindelheim

Kleiner Konrad GmbH & Co. KG Großhandlung

Seit der Gründung der Fa. KLEINER im Jahre 1853 stellt sich diese heute im Gewerbegebiet Nord von Mindelheim als kompetenter & zuverlässiger Partner für Industrie und Handwerk dar.

Kleiner Konrad GmbH & Co. KG Großhandlung Kurt-Kleiner-Str. 4 87719 Mindelheim Homepage


The trade journal BAUMETALL is not only important for plumbers, thinsmiths and metal roofers

Baumetall 70042 Stuttgart Homepage


VM ZINC® has been available in Germany for over 155 years. With this long tradition, the brand was also a pioneer in the area of ​​the pre-weathered titan dip, 30 years ago.

Vmzinc Gladbecker Straße 413 45326 Essen Homepage
Tecu-kme dach
Tecu-kme bau

Tecu - KME

Under the brand name TECU®, KME produces copper for the roof, facade and interior applications.

Tecu - KME Klosterstrasse 29 49074 Osnabrück Homepage


RHEINZINK® is the ideal material for roof, façade and roof drainage. No matter whether in roll or in the execution "pre-weathered pro" blue gray or slate gray

Rheinzink Bahnhofstraße 90 45711 Datteln Homepage


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