Dachrinnennaht mit Dachrinnenverbind von KLING DACH

Gutter connector

Gutter seams are permanently sealed with the Kling roof gutter connector and
simultaneously serve as an expansion seam. Use of the device for all gutter sizes and all
gutter materials.

Connect roof gutters quickly and professionally

Unclean seams, leaking and corroding gutter connections, caused by flux and overheated
materials, can be successfully prevented with the gutter connector. The device has been
successfully used for over 35 years.
Based on the principle of a roll ring in wastewater technology, a bead is turned into the
gutter with the ROOF GUTTER CONNECTOR. This provides sufficient space for an adhesive
compound (e.g., adhesive glue) to professionally seal the seam in the long term.

  • Quick & clean
  • Professional & easy
  • Sealed & tested

For example, the plumbing rules stipulate that there must be sufficient space for
adhesives when bonding sheets, since otherwise the seam can be sheared off.

Gutter Connector

Gutter Connector

Long term proved and testet - the gutter connector from Klingdach. Dense clean seams for enough adhesive thickness. Made in Germany
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Gutter connector
Gutter Connector

Gutter connector

Artikelnummer: P D10010
Gutter connector for half-roof gutters and all materials more less [Info]


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