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When Meinhard Kling invented the snow retention clamp back in 1962 he could not imagine how great the impact of this invention for the future of building roofs would become. The clamp system pretty soon became the standard for metal seam roofs. Today Kling Roof produces various roof systems which are being shipped worldwide.

On our website as well as in our catalogue we offer a diversified program for roof systems. Besides snow retention systems, a clip program and the Bjarnes System our portfolio includes solar clamps, walking systems and gutter connectors. In our own production site specialised and skilled employees not only manufacture but also conduct a continuing quality control to guarantee top-of range products for our clients.

The benchmark for the selection of materials and their features is being set by the requirements our roofs have to meet in the alpine region. Stiffness, flexibility and tightness have to be on a much higher level here than in moderate regions. What works here works everywhere – and that’s why our roof systems are popular all around the world.

Snow retention clamp in copper for metal roofs
Snow retention systems

During the development of the Kling snow retention clamp (utility model registration in 1962), we applied the findings of the original avalanche protection barriers, as they hav...

Haftenprogramm - Festpunkthaften aus Edelstahl 1.4301
Clip range

Metal roofs and facades are exposed to environmental influences such as wind, snow, hail and temperature-related longitudinal expansions. To avoid any damage, it is essential to...

Clipdriver SF for snap seam
Bjarnes Systems

The CLIPDRIVER and the Krabban® clips can be purchased from the existing sales channel. This cooperation gives you access to the most comprehensive product range in the field of...

Befestigung von Solaranlagen auf einem Blechdach
Solar clamps

Basically, a distinction is made between the mounting and planning on existing or new metal roofs. In the case of a new planning, the substructure can be aligned with the expect...

Gutter Connector
Gutter connector

Gutter seams are permanently sealed with the Kling roof gutter connector and simultaneously serve as an expansion seam. Use of the device for all gutter sizes and all gutter materials.

Schneefang - Profildach
Download & Technology

Information, instructions, data sheets and presentations from the world of metalroofing and plumbing/tinsmith technology


Logistics & Sale Sales through wholesale and retail trade for tinsmith accessories and domestic engineering. Excerpt from specialist dealers in Germany and abroad, techical journals and partners of Kling Dach and the tinsmithery in Oberstdorf.

Terms of Service
Terms and Conditions

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