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Bjarnes System is a modern high technology company with a unique competence within fastening of standing seam metal roofs. Bjarnes system is today probably the markets most innovative force within developement of clips and tools for installation of standing seam metal roofs.

• The largest engagement within Europe
• 60 % of the Swedish market
• Export to 15 countries
• 5.500.000 clips/year are sold
• All products are produced in Sweden

Together with Kling Systems it is the best and widest product range for metal roof fixings in Europe.

The CLIPDRIVER and the Krabban® clips can be purchased from the existing sales channel.

Connect the Bjarnes system and Kling Dach

Krabban® clips in combination with the Telescope system are used for fixing standing seam
roofing systems in steel, aluminium, copper, zinc and stainless steel. The roofing can be
executed as double fold, angled fold or rolled seam welded fold.

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  • On request, we will be pleased to send you a price list for the Bjarnes programme*
Products - Bjarnes

Products - Bjarnes

Clip Driver, Krabban, Roll Seam Welded Roofs - This system allows a secure attachment of the roof cover. Full range system for fastening of standing seam metal roofs. Full product range of fasteners, tools and accesories.
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created 09/28/2013

Clipdriver SF for snap seam

The Bjarnes Clipdriver SF, a system developed by tin smiths for tin smiths. Automatic setting tool for standing seam metal roofs for 25 mm and 38 mm heigh clips. Fits to Fein and Festool.


This cooperation gives you access to the most comprehensive product range in the field of fastening technology for metal roofs.


Special clips, fixtures and accessories for warm roof constructions.


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