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Installation & wind loads

Advantages of the Kling clip range for metal and standing seam roofs

  • The clip fixation enables a damage free expansion of the panels
  • Installation is easy and problem-free
  • Surface stable clip foot and regulation of the height via the clip base
  • Sliding clips with centre fixation and horizontal as well as vertical rounding
  • All clips are supplied with an extended foot part and three-hole fastening
  • Long sliding clips with extra surface stable clip foot

Worth knowing

The fixing by means of clips is considered as a mechanical, penetration-free fastening of
the roof skin. The calculation principle is based on the plumbing rules, which are based on
the DIN 1055-4 “Loadings for buildings; traffic loads, wind loads for structures that are not
susceptible to vibration”. In addition, recently the EN 1991-1-3 is used as a calculation
basis. In the case of the European Standard, in particular the terrain category plays a
decisive role.
According to the building shape (length, width and height), the type of terrain, the
inclination of the roof and the wind zone, the area to be covered is roughly divided into
four parts: Corner area, edge area, surface area and fixed area. The fixed area should not
exceed 3m. However, constructional as well as regional characteristics are to be
considered. Details must be designed in such a way that thermally induced changes in
length are not hindered.
When using a solid wood formwork, appropriate timber grade and boards with a thickness
of at least 24mm and a width of 100-160mm must be used.
The formwork has to run transversely or diagonally to the panels in order to ensure that
the clips are fastened to different boards.
Approved fasteners are roughened nails 2.8mm x 25mm and countersunk screws 4mm x
25mm according to DIN 18339: 2010-04.
When using stainless steel clips, these must be used in a construction-friendly material
grade stainless steel 1.4301 with at least 0.4mm.
The fastening of the clips on a substructure of trapezoidal sheet metal is usually carried
out on the raised bead. If, however, the course of the beads is parallel to the fold, it may
also be necessary to fix the clip in the lower bead.
Maximum length of the panels when using sliding clips with a sliding range of 55mm:
(The details of the semi-finished product manufacturer have to be used.)

  • Copper - Total length up to 10 m
  • Stainless steel - Total length up to 14 m
  • Aluminium - Total length up to 10 m
  • Titanium-zinc - Total length up to bis 10 m
  • Galvanized steel sheet - Total length up to 14 m

Furthermore, we also offer you special high-performance and pre-magazined clips from the
clips specialist Bjarnes from Sweden. Have a look at the comprehensive programme of the
Bjarnes system.


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