Kling Dach aus Oberstdorf (Spenglermeister und Erfinder des Schneefang für Stehfalzdächer)


65 years ago Johann Kling founded the company Spenglerei Kling (GmbH) in Oberstdorf, a company now rich in tradition. His son, the master roofer Meinhard Kling, joined the company only five years later and was to have a decisive influence on the development of the company.

Milestones 1935 – 1979

1935: Master craftsman’s certificate Johann Kling
1949: Foundation of the Spenglerei Kling by Johann and Meinhard Kling
1958: Master craftsman’s certificate Meinhard Kling
1962: Invention of the snow retention clamp for standing seam roofs by Meinhard Kling
1979: Master craftsman’s certificate (RMS) Andreas Kling

Milestones 1980 – 2016

1980: Relocation of the company to the industrial area of Oberstdorf "Im Steinach"
1992: Business handover to Andreas Kling
1997: Golden master craftsman’s certificate Meinhard Kling
2005: Master craftsman’s certificate (RMS) Clemens Kling
2012: Technical Business Economist (IHK) Clemens Kling
2016: Business handover to Clemens Kling

Former Management

The prominent entrepreneurial personalities Meinhard and Anneliese Kling are known and
appreciated in expert groups. They continue to provide advice and support to the
operational business of the Spenglerei Kling.

Anneliese und Meinhard Kling

The managing director Andreas Kling passed the nationwide master’s examination in
Stuttgart with distinction. With the support of Eva Kling, he developed the "Kling systems"
into the performance-conscious and inexpensive overall package, which can be purchased
today from the specialist dealers.
In the wintertime he produces flowers, weathercocks, witches, birds and dragons which
already decorate a number of houses.

Andreas und Eva Kling